Saturday, October 20, 2007

EH Holy Grail Easter Egg Explained

While working on a couple of Holy Grail pedals today I poked around the web with Google to see what kind of problems others are having with their Holy Grails. Instead, I found this post:

EH Holy Grail Easter Egg?!

in which the author describes finding a message on the Holy Grail circuit board. The connection here is that the Holy Grail was designed by EH engineer John Pisani, alias Johnny Galore of Cookie Galore.

That's a pretty cool and unusual thing to find in a pedal. Neither of the Holy Grails I'm working on have this on the circuit board. I'm assuming that the blogger recently purchased his and the message was only on a recent batch of circuit boards.

If only we were all in such a position to promote our bands in this manner!